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Karen, this bootcamp is so much more than I expected. Thank you and A’sea for your time and the energy it takes to help writers achieve goals and the dream to publish a book successfully! Karen, you are not only beyond impressive with the knowledge you share, but your ability to talk and continue to deliver all the information you give us enthusiastically in an eight-hour day is amazing.

Thank you to the tenth power and more! I rather feel unstoppable…which is an awesome way to feel!
Nancy Pushkar
I started writing 16 years ago. It’s the hardest thing ever to write a children’s book. I’ve spent money and time and read 1000 books. I found your email, and then I was like, a three day Bootcamp, three months of work? No. But I tried it anyway. I really thought I was gonna ask for a refund. And instead, I came in with one single idea for a book. I didn’t even know… I woke up with the idea. I kept going, “I don’t know what I’m going to write, but I’m not going to work on anything I’ve ever worked on.”

I have a whole entire book in three days, and I know and it’s very close to being done. I don’t know how you do this, but you’re very, very skilled at it and your heart’s in it. So thank you for my new book that I would have never written. This was beautiful.
Theresa Sorenson
I’ve done 14 books—four of them have been children’s books. I wish I had known the stuff that you have given. You have been so good and so thorough, I cannot explain.

Had I known this nine or 10 years ago, I would have written about 100 children’s books. I’m serious, because I write so much. Because it’s so simple the way you have. it.
Stewart Gulley
You made the sessions really fun. Thank you so much. I absolutely enjoyed the whole sessions, and I’ve been looking forward to every single day. You have made my character, which I’ve had since 2008, come to life. So thank you so much.
Moza Himid

“Thank you” doesn’t feel big enough to express the depths of gratitude I feel for the last 3 days we shared. The extensive curriculum was incredible! Karen Ferreira your teaching approach and delivery is awe-inspiring. The way you paced it all out, so patiently addressed each of our questions, and provided detailed reference material is exceptional. Kudos to you for having such a high level of integrity. I am beyond grateful to have found you to learn from! 

And to my fellow boot campers, wowee wasn’t it wonderful to get to connect and cheerlead each other on our author journeys! Every breakout room was such a special space where I got to learn from and share with each of you.
Kelsey Corey
It was awesome. It was very inspiring. I’ve gotten further in these last three days than I have in years. So I appreciate that very much!
Sandy Ecker
This was different, and it’s different in a very special way. Because I’ve been trying to write these books about my dog that is no longer here for so long, and … when you said, “Okay, time to write, right now,” and it all came out. And it was emotional, but it was beautiful and wonderful and fulfilling all at the same time. So thank you for just pushing us into doing that, because now I’m pretty sure I won’t say “Oh, I have writer’s block” anymore, which I used to always say, which is not really true. It just was pushing through some things.
Jenny Hamilton
LOVE the many possibilities shown and process, for developing our reader magnet. This is beyond invaluable !! ❤️

Having templates to work and expand from – SO many GREAT ideas. Removes the “blank page” mind-freeze of “whatever am I going to put in these ongoing emails! I don’t see how you could improve anything. I’m over the moon about the after-bootcamp bonuses!!!

My biggest takeaway is learning enough to be able to actually create an effective landing page, opt-in form AND craft a welcome email sequence to serve our new subscribers >> ultimately grow relationships toward also having customers and fans. LOVE IT!!!
Vivianne Israel