The Complete Children’s Book Creation Blueprint

8 steps to go from dream to published author.

In this fillable blueprint, you’ll discover loads of practical, helpful information and checklists to guide you through:
• children’s book genres (because you must know who you’re writing for!)
• exact techniques to come up with and improve your ideas
• how to go from an idea to an actual story
• how to revise and improve your story
• finding your illustrator
• your cover and book design
• tips on publishing
• plus bonus strategies and advice!

How To Get Captivating Illustrations Checklist

Illustrations are a big investment, and it can be daunting if you’re not sure what to do to prepare, how to find the right illustrator, and how to work with them.
This action step checklist reveals how to get the best book illustrations for your budget by taking charge of your illustrations and layout.
Grab it to help you create a wonderful book!