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If you are getting this message, it could be because of a few reasons. The most common reason for this happening is that you are not logged into the members area using your login credentials. If you are not active on a page, sometimes you will automatically get signed out. This is simply a standard security feature on our site. There are also some other reasons this could be happening. If you find you are logged in but still get directed to this page, then read on for other reasons and their solutions.

Before opening a ticket, please review the more detailed explanation of these issues and how to solve them.


– Karen & Team

Reason 1: You are not logged in

You could have gotten signed out. This happens because of the security features of the website. Usually our site will just ask you to log in again automatically, but sometimes websites can act up a bit 🙂 Go HERE to make sure you are in fact logged in.

Reason 2: You are not signed up for this Course

You could have paid for another course, but not for the specific one you are tying to access. A common problem occurs when people land on the main members’ area page after they log in and then accidentally click on the incorrect course. You will only have access to the ones you have purchased. All the other ones that you have not yet bought will direct you to this page.

Below is a picture of what the main member’s page will look like. If you think this might have been the reason for you landing here, simply click HERE to go back to the main members’ area page.

Reason 3: You have not yet received your credentials via email

The way we set our system, is after you pay for a membership level you will get two emails. One is your order confirmation email that will also have your invoice. The second email is an email with your login details for your course. Please note : If you have signed up for another course in the past, you will not get new login credentials since you already have credentials to sign into the members’ area. Simply log in with your existing credentials and click on the relevant course to access it.

If you have not received your email with credentials, please check your spam folder. Also make sure you whitelist our email ( so you don’t in future miss important updates from us.

If you still find nothing in your spam folder, contact us at

Reason 4: Your internet browser could be storing old login information

Internet browsers store information about the sites you visit and also that site’s settings. This is all an attempt to make the page load faster and for convenience. Sometimes though, this can cause issues. For example, you buy your first course and sign in. When you sign in, you only have one course. Your browser “remembers” all of this information the next time you sign in. Now let’s say you purchased one or more new courses from us. You sign in to access them, but the problem is your browser only “remembers” the first course you bought. Because of this, you will keep on landing back on this page, since the information about the site is old information that your browser stored.To fix this, you must clear your browser cache and cookies. No need to worry if you are not tech savvy! We have made a video to walk you through this process below.

Thanks for reading! If you still need our help, please submit a ticket below! We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Promise!

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