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Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover by joining the FREE Children's Book Mastery Summit:

  • A behind-the-scenes look at planning and writing your children's book with multiple best-selling authors. 
  • How to find an illustrator and work with them to get the best illustrations possible for your illustrated books.
  • Step-by-step details of how to self-publish kids books successfully.
  • Why collaborating with others and having a business approach as an author is important and how to do it.
  • How to make your book appealing for children and adults.
  • The best ways for children's book writers to market affordably and efficiently. 
  • How to build, engage and monetize an email list as as an author.
  • How to make a living from your writing and go full-time.
  • And much, much more!

Total Value: $1100


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Each day, new sessions will be released and will be available to watch for free for 48 hours, so you can watch them whenever suits you! The sessions will be released at 7am EDT | 4am PDT | 13:00 UTC.

DAY 0 - Children's Book Mastery Kick-Off Party

Karen Ferreira

July 10, Sunday  @ 12:00 pm EDT | 10:00 am PDT | 11:00 am CDT | 5:00 pm UTC

Children's Book Mastery Kick-Off Party

Join us for the live kick-off where your host will run you through a bird's eye overview of all the steps of creating and publishing your children's book, and explain how you can get the most out of the summit.


Jed Jurchenko

July 11, Monday @ 7:00 am EDT | 4:00 am PDT | 1:00 pm UTC

Strategies For Overcoming Resistance & Getting The Writing Done

Jed Jurchenko is an award-winning writing coach and author of over 23 books. He also works as a marriage, psychology professor, and leadership coach. In this workshop, Jed will share some of his favourite writing strategies for overcoming resistance and getting the real work–the writing–done. In addition, we'll examine key strategies for keeping writing fun!

Gena Maselli

July 11, Monday @ 7:00 am EDT | 4:00 am PDT | 1:00 pm UTC

Finding Time To Write

Gena Maselli is a professional writer who has written 15 books as well as edited and ghosted for several well-known speakers. She has nearly 20 years of experience writing children’s church curriculum, nonfiction, direct mail, marketing materials, and more.

Brooke Van Sickle

July 11, Monday @ 7:00 am EDT | 4:00 am PDT | 1:00 pm UTC

How To Go From Idea To Publishing

Brooke Van Sickle is an award-winning author of 3 picture books. Her books have received honors for the Moonbeam Children's Award, Mom's Choice, and the Independent Press Award for distinguished favorite preschool picture book. She's also the CEO & founder of Journey to Kidlit, which teaches other aspiring children's book writers about how to write and publish a children's book. Learn more about her at

Laura Backes

July 11, Monday @ 7:00 am EDT | 4:00 am PDT | 1:00 pm UTC

Take Your Manuscript From “meh” To Magnificent

Laura Backes is the publisher of Children's Book Insider, the Children's Writing Monthly, which was founded in 1990. She is also the co-founder of, host of the weekly Kidlit Social webcast and co-creator of, featuring step by step courses about writing children's books. She wrote Best Books for Kids Who (Think They) Hate to Read, published by Random House, and was the technical editor of Writing Children's Books for Dummies. In 2016 Laura co-founded the Picture Book Summit online conference, and helped run the event through 2021.

Marcy Pusey

July 11, Monday @ 7:00 am EDT | 4:00 am PDT | 1:00 pm UTC

How To Make Your Story Arc And Character Arc Shine

Marcy is a bestselling author of multiple award-winning books, international and 2xs TEDx speaker, Trauma-Informed Story Coach, Foster-Adopt Family Advocate, and founder and CEO of Miramare Ponte Press. 

Total Value: $1100


Christopher Maselli 

July 12, Tuesday @ 7:00 am EDT | 4:00 am PDT | 1:00 pm UTC

The Power Of Accountability To Get Your Writing DONE!

Christopher Maselli is an award-winning author who has written more than 50 books. He is also a Certified Digital Marketing Professional, children's writer, marketing writer and ghostwriter. 

Teresa Funke

July 12, Tuesday @ 7:00 am EDT | 4:00 am PDT | 1:00 pm UTC

How To Write Historical Fiction Like A Pro

Laura reveals the needed mindset when approaching self-editing, the three levels of revisions-story and exactly how to approach each of them to end up with a professional manuscript.

John Fox 

July 12, Tuesday @ 7:00 am EDT | 4:00 am PDT | 1:00 pm UTC

Craft Techniques To Make Your Story Sing

John Matthew Fox helps children’s book authors write better stories. He is the founder of Bookfox (, where he creates online courses for writers, and the author of “I Will Shout Your Name” and “The Linchpin Writer: Crafting Your Novel’s Key Moments.” Currently, he lives in Orange County, California with his wife and twin boys. 

Hayley Milliman

July 12, Tuesday @ 7:00 am EDT | 4:00 am PDT | 1:00 pm UTC

Five Key Principles To Achieve Clarity In Your Writing

As Head of Education at ProWritingAid, Hayley focuses on building engaging, helpful learning content for the millions of users who rely on ProWritingAid to make their writing clear and effective. Hayley has a robust writing portfolio and has written for dozens of publications on topics related to education, marketing strategy, history, entrepreneurship, and more.


Alex Cabal

July 13, Wednesday @ 7:00 am EDT | 4:00 am PDT | 1:00 pm UTC

The Value Of Critiques And Community For Writers

Alex Cabal is the founder and CEO of Scribophile, one of the largest writing communities online. He's also the founder of Writerfolio, providing freelance writers with online portfolios, and Standard Ebooks, a volunteer-led project that produces commercial-quality ebooks for free distribution.

Bobbie Hinman

July 13, Wednesday @ 7:00 am EDT | 4:00 am PDT | 1:00 pm UTC

How To Find And Work With Beta Readers And Focus Groups

Bobbie Hinman’s 5 children's picture books have received a combined total of 28 children's book awards, including the Moonbeam Book Awards' Gold Medal for "Best Picture Book Series of 2017." Bobbie is also the author of "How to Create a Successful Children's Picture Book" and “How to Master the art of writing a children’s book”.

Karen Ferreira

July 13, Wednesday @ 7:00 am EDT | 4:00 am PDT | 1:00 pm UTC

How to you can try to take the Caveman out of your husband and not to get discouraged when you fail

There is not really a word that encompasses how AWESOME Karen is. So there you have it. Nothing more to say.

Lisa Ferland

July 13, Wednesday @ 7:00 am EDT | 4:00 am PDT | 1:00 pm UTC

How Children's Book Authors Can Succeed On Kickstarter

Lisa Ferland is a crowdfunding consultant helping authors build their audiences and launch their books on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo since 2017. You can find helpful tools, resources, and videos on her website.

Arielle Haughee

July 13, Wednesday @ 7:00 am EDT | 4:00 am PDT | 1:00 pm UTC

How To Stand Out With Publishers

A former elementary teacher, Arielle Haughee is a five-time RPLA-winning author and the owner of Orange Blossom Publishing.

Total Value: $1100


Carla King

July 14, Thursday @ 7:00 am EDT | 4:00 am PDT | 1:00 pm UTC

Publishing Platforms And Book Distribution

Carla King is the founder of Self-Publishing Boot Camp, a series of educational books and workshops that help independent authors publish professionally. She is a frequent speaker at writing conferences, an author consultant, a publishing industry advisor, and a writing and publishing workshop leader.

April M Cox

July 14, Thursday @ 7:00 am EDT | 4:00 am PDT | 1:00 pm UTC

How To Succeed At Self-Publishing

April Cox is the founder of Little Labradoodle Publishing and creator of Self-Publishing Made Simple, where she provides author workgroups, training courses and free information to help make self-publishing easier for new and aspiring authors.

Laurence O'Bryan

July 14, Thursday @ 7:00 am EDT | 4:00 am PDT | 1:00 pm UTC

Preparing Your Book For Book Promotions 

Preparing Your Book for Book Promotions How To Make Sure Every Aspect of Your Book Presentation is Right on Amazon

Paul Brodie

July 14, Thursday @ 7:00 am EDT | 4:00 am PDT | 1:00 pm UTC

How To Choose Winning Keywords And Categories On Amazon

Paul Brodie is a Multi-time Bestselling Author and CEO of Brodie Consulting Group. As a Book Publisher, he helps others share their story with a proven system, and he’s launched 71 (and counting) bestsellers.


Alexa Bigwarfe

July 15, Friday @ 7:00 am EDT | 4:00 am PDT | 1:00 pm UTC

How To Launch Your Book Like A Boss

Alexa Bigwarfe is a USA Today best-selling author, publisher, and founder and CEO of Write|Publish|Sell, a company dedicated to helping authors professionally self-publish and market their books. Her courses and training focus on author platform growth and fun, creative ways to market books. She is also the founder and host of the Women in Publishing Summit, a community dedicated to building community around authors and professionals in the publishing industry. Alexa owns three hybrid publishing houses, Kat Biggie Press, Chrysalis Press, and Purple Butterfly Press, a children's book publishing company.

Laurie Wright

July 15, Friday @ 7:00 am EDT | 4:00 am PDT | 1:00 pm UTC

How To Win At Email Marketing

Children's author and marketing strategist, Laurie Wright is a silly but smart, busy mom of three who laughs at her own jokes just a bit too much. The minivan is her sanctuary, and the only place she can sing out loud without being shushed. She’s known for her short term memory and extreme love of chips and dip. Usually on her best behavior, watch out when her filter wears off! Never without her laptop and a notebook. Trust her with your kids and your books, but not your coffee!

Brian Berni

July 15, Friday @ 7:00 am EDT | 4:00 am PDT | 1:00 pm UTC

The Dos and Don'ts of Amazon Ads

Brian Berni is a former Vatican Secret Archives employee, and is now a bestselling author under multiple pen-names. He blogs for writers and self-publishers at AuthorsTech and is the co-founder of BookAds,where he helps authors advertise their books through Amazon and BookBub Ads.

Cary Richards

July 15, Friday @ 7:00 am EDT | 4:00 am PDT | 1:00 pm UTC

How To Increase Your Profits In Self-Publishing

Cary spent years in the trenches of the corporate sales world. All the while dreaming of one day becoming his own boss. Several years ago, setting out on a mission of discovery, Cary began searching for a way to become a full-time internet

Ray Brehm

July 15, Friday @ 7:00 am EDT | 4:00 am PDT | 1:00 pm UTC

Strategies For Audience And Email List Building

Ray is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, an audience building expert and founder of the Six-Figure Author Summit Program™

Total Value: $1100


Evan Gow

July 16, Saturday @ 7:00 am EDT | 4:00 am PDT | 1:00 pm UTC

Find Reviewers, Increase Sales And Build Your Email List With StoryOrigin

Evan Gow is the indie developer of StoryOrigin, a marketing tool and community of authors that work together to find reviewers, build mailing lists, increase sales, and stay on top of deadlines

Ricardo Fayet

July 16, Saturday @ 7:00 am EDT | 4:00 am PDT | 1:00 pm UTC

How To Succeed At Marketing 

Ricardo Fayet is one of the four founders of Reedsy, a marketplace connecting authors to the world’s top publishing talent—from editors to cover designers, book marketers, or literary translators. He’s the author of several Reedsy Learning courses on marketing, and released his first book in 2021: How to Market a Book: Overperform in a Crowded Market, which is free on all retailers.

Keith Wheeler

July 16, Saturday @ 7:00 am EDT | 4:00 am PDT | 1:00 pm UTC

Book Marketing Strategies

Keith Wheeler is a 5-time, International #1 Best Selling author. He started writing at an early age, having his first published work while still a freshman in high school. If being published at the age of 14 wasn’t enough, he was lucky enough to have his work published in the same book as his grandmother.

Brian Berni

July 16, Saturday @ 7:00 am EDT | 4:00 am PDT | 1:00 pm UTC

A Deep-Dive Into BookBub And Amazon Ads

Discover the benefits of Amazon and Bookbub ads, how to use these with organic strategies, top dos and don’ts for an author who wants to use ads, and who should hire an agency to run their ads, and who should DIY.

Lauren Ranalli

July 16, Saturday @ 7:00 am EDT | 4:00 am PDT | 1:00 pm UTC

Email Marketing For Authors: 6 Messages To Send Your Readers

In this session Lauren shows us how to take email marketing to the next level, with examples and messages to use to engage readers.

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Karen Ferreira

Karen helps children’s book authors master the process of writing, illustrating, designing, publishing and selling their books by providing all the know-how and expert support they need.

Karen Ferreira’s passion for illustrating children’s books prompted her to start
GetYourBookIllustrations in 2016, with a purpose to help authors illustrate and publish beautiful and professional books. GetYourBookIllustrations has now grown to a team of more than 15 professional illustrators. 

Seeing the struggles so many authors ran into lead Karen to launch Children’s Book Mastery, where she provides authors with the know-how and support to succeed through online training in the form of this summit, courses, coaching and live training. 

It is her mission to assist indie children’s book authors to win on every step of the journey, from writing, through publishing, through promotion and marketing.

If you are ready to put in the work, she's here to show you the way.

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