​​​Matthew Ziranek  – ​​​​​How to create a winning author website and be found by your audience

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​​Matthew ​is ​the ​​​​co-founder of Rocket Expansion (marketing and website design)

https://rocketexpansion.com/              ​Free SEO Research Tool: https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/         Author Website Examples: https://rocketexpansion.com/author-websites/

In this session you’ll learn:​

​- ​​​​​The key purpose to keep in mind with your website
- ​​​The one main difference between an "okay" site and a great site
- ​​​Very simple strategies you can start implementing today to increase your SEO (on your own)

- Fantastic ideas for blog posts and guest blog posts that will boost your SEO and your audience will love​

Comment below ​With Your Key Takeaways from this session or if you have any questions​. ​

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