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So, what is the Masterclass?

The complete solution to get your children's book marketing machine built! The Children's Book Marketing Masterclass includes six weeks of live, action-oriented step-by-step training.

Whether you've done author marketing in the past, or you are a complete beginner, I'll walk you through the entire process from start to finish, so you can achieve better results than ever.

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Here's The Masterclass You Get When You Make Your Renewal Commitment:

BRAND-NEW 6 x 60-minute Live Weekly Training Sessions with Workbooks and Checklists.

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BONUS #1: Live Q&A Sessions

6 x Weekly LIVE Group Coaching Sessions with Me to Answer Your Questions and keep you on track!
(This is in addition to the six live weekly training calls.)

BONUS #2: Your Marketing Foundation

Every House Needs a Foundation. Get an EXTRA LIVE Coaching Session Before the Masterclass Starts to Discover the CRUCIAL Cornerstones for Your Marketing to Succeed.

BONUS #3: Paid Promotion Module

Get an EXTRA Week of LIVE Training on Paid Promotion to Supercharge Your Marketing Efforts

BONUS #4: The Ultimate Author Swipe File Bundle

Get a huge bundle of Graphics you can use for all your promotional needs, along with The Ultimate Author swipe file of author email, website and promotional copy, so you can get real results with your copy

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