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The current coaching rate is $3,000, but as a valued Coaching Member, you can renew at a discounted rate of $2,397. Just pay $650 by October 1st to lock in this discount, and get a free Child’s Play Publishing Package as a bonus!

With the Publishing Package, you get free access to this exclusive bonus that is usually only offered for new Picture Book Mastery Bootcamp sign-ups. Simply make a $650 pre-payment towards your next year’s coaching (which will start once your current year ends)!

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On Top Of Locking In The Discounted Coaching Rate On Your Next Year’s Coaching

Here’s The Publishing Package You Get When You Make Your Renewal Commitment:

Package valued at $1200.

ISBNs & Barcodes

We’ll provide you with three ISBNs (International Standard Book Numbers), for each format of your book (paperback, hardcover and ebook).

If you purchase them, 1 ISBN costs $125, and 10 ISBNs cost $295.

We’ll also provide barcodes for your back cover.

Categories & Keywords

Categories and keywords can make or break your book being found.

We use Publisher Rocket ($97) and our expertise to find you the best keywords and categories, so you book can perform well.

Almost everyone who we’ve published for have hit #1 because we find the right categories for them!


Your book description can make a big difference to how many books you sell. It’s one of the first things people read, and if it’s not good, they won’t buy the book. We’ll write you a professional book description that hooks potential buyers (or help polish the description you write).

Upload to KDP and IngramSpark

Save the time and effort of uploading your book. We’ll do it for you, filling out all the information and getting your book on pre-order or published.

We’ll also check your first digital print proof from KDP and IngramSpark to make sure they look good before you publish and help you avoid mistakes.

Five Book Mockups

We’ll provide you with 5 Book Mockups that are created digitally using your cover image and interior images. These are great for promotional purposes on Amazon, social media, etc.!

Yes, I want to take advantage of this special opportunity to and lock in the discounted coaching rate for another year and get the Child’s Play Publishing Package!

  • I understand this is a special offer, and I can get full access by making a $650 non-refundable early renewal pre-payment toward my coaching renewal before 2 October 2023.
  • I understand I’m locking in a discounted coaching rate ($2,397per year) before it goes up, with a balance of just $1,747 before my coaching renewal date.
  • I understand that I can take advantage of this special opportunity irrespective of when I joined the program, where my renewal date is one month away, or eleven months away, or anything in between.
  • I understand that to be fair to everyone taking action before October 2nd, if I wait until October 2nd or later, this offer will no longer be available.