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The 2023 Children’s Book Mastery Summit Is An Invaluable Resource To Help You Become A Successful Children’s Book Author

It is exciting and an honour to interview these amazing industry experts and authors. I have learned so much from them, and I’m thrilled to share their knowledge with you.

These amazing speakers share their best tips and strategies to help you plan, write, publish and market your children’s books.

These speakers typically charge anywhere from $80 to $450 an hour, so the value they provide in the Summit Sessions is tremendous.

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– Karen Ferreira

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When You Take Advantage of This Special Time-Limited Free Offer, You’ll Get Five Days of Unrestricted access to the 2023 Children’s Book Summit:

25 Expert Video Sessions

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You will get access to 25 in-depth expert video sessions (12+ hours) with world-class multiple best-selling and award-winning authors and publishing and book marketing experts, including Alexa Bigwarfe, Laura Backes, Brooke Van Sickle, April Cox, Marcy Pusey, Keith Wheeler, Heidi Fiedler and more.

Watch each session whenever and as many times as you please during the 5 days and implement the step-by-step strategies!

The Outstanding Experts You’ll Be Learning From:

25 Actionable Expert Interviews

Module 1

Laura Backes

Find out why it’s important to think through different aspects of your idea before you write. Learn about the first steps a fiction and nonfiction writer should take to develop their story idea to make it saleable, and how to know when you’re ready to start writing.

Bethany Green

Bethany shares how authors can get out of their own heads and out of their own way. Discover how feedback can help you write better, and how you can stop worrying about the “rules” or expectations of your story, and just write from your heart.

Marcy Pusey

Discover how you can know if your story idea is good, how to choose one idea, and how to go from idea to a written manuscript. Learn how you can get past feeling stuck while writing and some top ways you can improve your manuscript.

Heidi Fiedler

In this session, Heidi shares why character-driven books are so popular and how you can develop a character that’s kid friendly. Learn how to help readers get to know a character in a natural, engaging way and how you can make a secondary character stand out, and where you can find your inspiration.

Gena Maselli

Gena shares five literary techniques that will improve any children’s book, including metaphor, extended metaphor, parallelism, repetition and questions. She not only explains what they are but also shows examples of how they can be used to improve any written piece.

Module 2

Brooke Van Sickle

Find out what the first thing is that you should do when writing a children’s book and the three things you should include so that readers connect with it. Learn how to know if you have a good story idea and if you should include a message.

Christopher Maselli

Discover some of the blunders that come up time and again, and which ones are specific to children’s books. Get tips on how you can check your own manuscript, section by section for common mistakes.

Karen Ferreira

Karens shares the indispensable first step authors should do before writing their book, how to improve your ideas, the key to a strong plot, why a character arc is crucial and how to achieve this, plus essential writing craft and revision strategies.

Margrete Lamond

Find out what it means to be the art director of your own picture book, what the benefits are, and how exactly to go about it, including dividing your picture book into scenes and spreads. Learn about page turns and pacing, and how to get the illustrations to convey your message and vision.

Tamara Dever

Tamara shares her pointers to ensure your illustrations are done correctly, the difference between an illustrator and a book designer, and what to look out for when hiring a designer. Find out the key elements to consider and common mistakes to avoid, plus how to use layout and printing to make your book stand out.

Module 3

April Cox

Discover the pros and cons of self-publishing, all its steps, and April’s advice to ensure your book is professional, plus tips for getting wonderful illustrations and book design/formatting. Learn about recommended platforms for self-publishing, and advice on marketing for self-publishers.

Alexa Bigwarfe

Alexa shares what a hybrid press is, and when and how you would work with them. Learn about their fees and royalties and how they are different from vanity presses and from self-publishing assist. Learn how much you should expect to spend, and how to know if the company is legit.

Arielle Haughee

Discover the pros and cons of working with a traditional publisher versus self-publishing and key factors traditional publishers consider for accepting submissions. Find out what kind of support you can expect from a traditional publisher, how they typically handle royalties and advances, and common mistakes to avoid when submitting.

Eric Van Der Hope

Eric shares an overview of print on demand vs. bulk printing, the pros and cons of POD, and his recommended platforms for each. Learn about three important things you should implement before publishing to increase your chance for success.

Keith Wheeler

Find out how to create engaging and educational activities for children, the creation process from start to finish, as well as how to decide on the difficulty level of the puzzles and what marketing strategies you can use to promote your activity and puzzle books.

Module 4

Laurence O’Bryan

In this session, Laurence talks about authenticity over production or perfection, sales in audiobooks and e-books, and whether you should have a podcast or start a book club, plus how to increase your all-important reviews. Laurence also shared his views on using AI for authors.

Philip Duncan

Discover why you need an email list, the best time to start one, and different ways to gain more subscribers. Plus, Philip shares some ideas about what to write about in your emails.

Laurie Wright

Laurie shares tactics for growing an email list for children’s book authors. Discover key elements for effective email marketing, writing interesting subject lines and emails, and how to use email to build relationships. Find out more about automation and which metrics you should track to measure success.

Quinn Cummings

Discover how to overcome mindset blocks about building and emailing your list and how to use a freebie to grow your list. Quinn shares her “Telephone Method” and all its steps for reaching more readers and growing your list.

Derek Doepker

Find out about different types of collaborations and how you can make your collaborations successful. Get important tips for collaboration opportunities, what the best strategies are to maximize collaborations for the most reach, recommended platforms, and what mistakes to avoid.

Module 5

Ray Brehm

Ray shares his strategies to launch to #1 on Amazon, which pre-launch actions are most important, and how to ensure your book has longevity on Amazon. Discover how to create and maintain your marketing campaign, techniques to drive sales and maximize visibility and how to stand out from the competition.

Paul Brodie

In this session, Paul shares why it’s important to launch your book, how long in advance to start on the launch, and the key things to have in place to launch successfully. Discover how to choose better Amazon categories and effective keywords, plus effective promotional services to use during launch.

Foreword Publicity

In this session, you’ll find out the top marketing tactics an author should consider for children’s books and YA, what your marketing timeline should look like and the benefits of hiring a PR firm.

Richard McCartney

Discover ways to market that actually get results, tips to get the most out of these strategies, and which marketing strategies Richard advises authors not to use, and why. Richard shares ways that authors can get reviews, as well as his views on AI for authors.

Brian Berni

Brian shares who should use Amazon and BookBub Ads, strategies for effective ad campaigns, and how to use metrics to measure and ensure your success. Find out how Amazon and Bookbub Ads can be used together to maximize book sales and what budget you should set.

Get 5 Days of Access To The 25 World-Class Expert Sessions

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If you’re serious about being a successful self-publishing children’s book author…

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Children’s Book Mastery is for all genres of books, not only fiction or picture books. Whether you are writing books for babies, toddlers, middle grade or YA (or even adults), the sessions and bonuses will greatly help you. As you look over the session topics you will also see that almost all the sessions are not only for children’s fiction or picture books.

Children’s Book Mastery will still provide you with tremendous value. Almost all the sessions cover strategies for is all genres of books, not only children’s books. Whether you are writing fiction or nonfiction for adults, or YA books, the sessions and bonuses will greatly help you. As you look over the session topics you will also see that almost all the sessions are not only for children’s fiction or picture books.

Meet Your Host

Karen Ferreira

Karen helps children’s book authors master the many steps of writing, illustrating, designing, publishing and marketing their books by providing all the know-how and expert support they need through online training, coaching, and the annual Children’s Book Mastery Summit.

Karen’s passion for illustrating children’s books prompted her to start GetYourBookIllustrations in 2016, with the purpose of providing authors with beautifully illustrated and designed books. GetYourBookIllustrations has now grown to a team of more than 15 professional illustrators, all dedicated to creating captivating books.

Seeing the struggles so many authors ran into, lead Karen to launch Children’s Book Mastery. It is her mission to assist children’s book authors to win on every step of the journey, from start to finish, and she is doing exactly that.

Get 5 Days of Access To The 25 World-Class Expert Sessions

I can’t wait to help you to plan, write, publish, and market your children’s books so you can make an impact and achieve the level of success you have always dreamed of!

Karen Ferreira