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Behind the scenes of book marketing:

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  • The best ways for writers to market affordably and efficiently – Anne Janzer
  • The crucial basics of promoting your book – Kimberley Grabas
  • How to make a living from your writing and go full-time – Sacha Black
  • Establishing your author brand locally as well as online – Karen Inglis
  • How to use social media effectively to grow your online presence – Barb Drozdowich
  • How to grow your audience and sell more books by using your author website – Matt Ziranek
  • Top strategies to sell more books on Amazon – Dale L. Roberts
  • Great opportunities for children’s writers – Christopher Maselli
  • How to considerably boost your book sales with Amazon A+ Content – April Cox
  • How to market your book for a non-profit cause and still make money – Coni Knepper
  • Go behind the scenes on how Stacy sold over 60,000 books in less than three years – Stacy Bauer
  • How to build and work with your launch team, and marketing for your book’s release – Vicky Weber
  • Preparing Your Book For Book Promotions – Laurence O’Bryan
  • How To Launch Your Book Like A Boss – Alexa Bigwarfe
  • How To Win At Email Marketing – Laurie Wright
  • Find Reviewers, Increase Sales And Build Your Email List With StoryOrigin – Evan Gow
  • Why You Need an Email List & How to Start Building One – Philip Duncan
  • Strategies for Growing Your Email List as a Children’s Book Author – Quinn Cummings
  • Author Collaborations to Expand Your Reach – Derek Doepker
  • Practical Marketing Strategies for Real Results – Richard McCartney
  • How to Succeed with Amazon Ads and BookBub Ads – Brian Berni

Your marketing course was the BEST marketing blueprint ever!

Even though I earned an MBA, I learned booking marketing is vastly different in many ways from the approaches used in other businesses.

After taking your course, I didn’t feel the need to attend any other videos or webinars on “how to” market. All I needed was included in this ONE course!

Your presentation of the material was amazing! It was so clearly presented and in an organized manner that was easy to follow and implement.

I just had to take this opportunity to extend my appreciation to you for the marketing techniques that ignited my author career!

Dottie L.

I am clear now that the third word in your course’s name is spot on: Mastery. 

It takes a master to teach about mastery. And you are a master teacher. You covered so many areas of marketing that dropped my jaw and made me say, “Ohhh!” 

Again, thank you for putting your whole heart into it. That last speaker was right. I, too, feel that perhaps your biggest incentive to teach these courses is to support authors in their journey. 

Bob Z.

I have some great news to share. Based on your classes, yesterday I was leading my first group of 2nd graders through a lesson on what a picture book looks like BEFORE it is a book. They were very good listeners and participants, and the teacher was ecstatic about the lesson and said she would bet the school would want a copy of the book to go along with the curriculum in the future!

The teacher took photos and put them on DOJO immediately. DOJO goes out to parents to show them what’s happening in class!!!! So now I will ask her to offer my website—got to post another picture or two on it!!

Muchas gracias for your generous push and feedback, as always.

Pat J. W.