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DAY 0 – Children’s Book Mastery Kick-Off Party

Karen Ferreira

Children’s Book Mastery Kick-Off Party

Join us for the live kick-off where your host will run you through a bird’s eye overview of all the steps of creating and publishing your children’s book, and explain how you can get the most out of the summit.


Jed Jurchenko

Strategies For Overcoming Resistance & Getting The Writing Done

In this session, Jed will share some of his top strategies for overcoming resistance and the false ideas that writers run into, so you can get the real work—the writing—done. In addition, we’ll examine key strategies for keeping writing fun!

Gena Maselli

Finding Time To Write

In this session, Gena will share her top strategies to find the time to write, as well as why authors fail to find the time to write, how to avoid distractions while writing, and how to make the most of your writing time.

Brooke Van Sickle

How To Go From Idea To Publishing

Find out how to come up with an idea and make sure it’s good. Learn the top things to do before writing, how to choose your target audience, how to write and revise to make your book appealing for your target audience, and other key steps to help you have a better outcome.

Laura Backes

Take Your Manuscript From “meh” To Magnificent

Laura shares the powerful, little-known foundation for where writers should start, her tips for authors to get their manuscripts off on the right track, the common mistakes she has seen in story structure, tips on revision, and how to create a book that stands out.

Marcy Pusey

How To Make Your Story Arc And Character Arc Shine

Discover from a multi-award-wiinning author what a story arc and character arc are, and why they are important. Find out exact, actionable steps you can take to create powerful story and character arcs that work, and how to make them shine.


Christopher Maselli

The Power Of Accountability To Get Your Writing DONE!

In this session, we go over what accountability is when it comes to writing, and why it is a powerful method to help writers be more productive. Find out some strategies to make accountability work well, and what causes it to fail.

Teresa Funke

How To Write Historical Fiction Like A Pro

In this session, Teresa will share what historical fiction is, the types of historical events authors can write about, and how to do the needed research. Discover the biggest mistakes in writing historical fiction, and how to make your setting, characters, and dialogue believable.

John Fox

Craft Techniques To Make Your Story Sing

In this session, John shares out of the ordinary craft strategies. Find out which steps to take prior to writing your first draft, advice on writing craft, how you can use repetition in your manuscript, and how to ensure your manuscript will work well with illustrations.

Hayley Milliman

Five Key Principles To Achieve Clarity In Your Writing

Discover what clarity is, and why it is crucial for strong story telling. Learn the exact principles for clear writing, and five strategies you can use to achieve clarity in your writing.


Watch ALL the sessions from Children’s Book Mastery at any time from 23 July (4am EST | 1am PST | 8am UTC) until 25 July (4am EST | 1am PST | 8am UTC)


Alex Cabal

The Value Of Critiques And Community For Writers

In this session, Alex shares why community is important for authors, the top dos and don’ts that make communities work well fail, what writing forums are and how they help authors, and how to get and use feedback without getting confused or making changes you should never have made.

Bobbie Hinman

How To Find And Work With Beta Readers And Focus Groups

Bobbie shares the role and value of beta readers and focus groups, how many beta readers an author should have, and how to find and select your beta readers. Find out. When the right time is to get feedback on your manuscript, and how to work with your beta readers to get the most value from their feedback.

Karen Ferreira

How to get illustrations that match your vision (within your budget!)

Discover the four steps you must do before looking for an illustrator, how to plan and save with planning, find the right illustrator and how to work with them, and the exact four-step process to follow to get the best illustrations for your book

Lisa Ferland

How Children’s Book Authors Can Succeed On Kickstarter

Learn what crowdfunding is and why authors should consider it. Discover strategies and dos and don’ts to succeed on Kickstarter, and what kind of timeline works well for a crowdfunding campaign.

Arielle Haughee

How To Stand Out With Publishers

In this session, Arielle shares the difference between traditional and self-publishing, how to go about getting traditionally published and what the process is for author-illustrators. Learn how to stand out with publishers and what you should never do when trying to get a publisher to accept your work.


JoEllen Nordstrom

The ins and outs of self-editing and editing

JoEllen shares how better self-editing can help authors save money on editing, the main things to check when self-editing, what you should send to an editor, and how to format your manuscript before sending it to the editor.

Carla King

Publishing Platforms And Book Distribution

Carla shares what a publishing platform is, what you need to know about publishing platforms, what book distribution is, what an author should look for in a publishing platform and which platforms she recommends and why.

April M Cox

How To Succeed At Self-Publishing

Find out the steps involved in self-publishing a children’s book, what kind of timeline you can expect, tips on finding and working with an illustrator, and dos and don’ts on launching a book.

Laurence O’Bryan

Preparing Your Book For Book Promotions

Discover which aspects of a book authors should pay attention to in regards to their book’s presentation on Amazon before promoting, tips on book covers and how authors can write a good book description. Learn how to make your book stand out, book launch strategies, and how to get reviews.

Paul Brodie

How To Choose Winning Keywords And Categories On Amazon

In this session, Paul shares strategies and exact numbers to look for when choosing keywords and categories, the biggest mistakes authors make with these, and how authors can choose better categories and effective keywords.


Watch ALL the sessions from Children’s Book Mastery at any time from 23 July (4am EST | 1am PST | 8am UTC) until 25 July (4am EST | 1am PST | 8am UTC)


Alexa Bigwarfe

How To Launch Your Book Like A Boss

Discover the importance of launching your book, the different types of launches, and what kind of timeline you should have for a launch. Find out what you should have in place before you launch, the value of reviews for a launch, and other launch strategies.

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Laurie Wright

How To Win At Email Marketing

Laurie shares why authors should focus on email marketing, the best strategies for authors to grow their email list, marketing to your list, and don’ts when it comes to email marketing.

Brian Berni

The Dos and Don’ts of Amazon Ads

In this session, Brian shares who should (and who shouldn’t) use Amazon ads, the best time to run Amazon ads, what an author should do beforehand, and tips to make ads perform well. Learn about the difference Amazon ads can make to an author’s success.

Ray Brehm

Strategies For Audience And Email List Building

Find out the difference between audience building and email list building, and whether or not you should do both. Learn top strategies for building, maintaining and engaging your email list, and other outreach methods to reach potential readers.


Evan Gow

Find Reviewers, Increase Sales And Build Your Email List With StoryOrigin

Discover why is it important for authors to get beta readers, and how StoryOrigin can help with that. Learn about growing your email list, gathering important reviews and cross-promotion with other authors.

Ricardo Fayet

How To Succeed At Marketing

We’ll cover the difference between email marketing, social media marketing and other kinds of marketing, and how to balance these. Discover how to stand out in a crowded market, how to get your book to more readers and mistakes to avoid regarding this, and about Amazon algorithms.

Keith Wheeler

Book Marketing Strategies

Keith shares common author mistakes in marketing and selling their books, how to choose the right niche, tips on pricing your book, how to write a good book description, and what online book fairs are, and how you can use them.

Cary Richards

How To Increase Your Profits In Self-Publishing

Cary shares benefits of self-publishing, platforms for selling your books, strategies for selling more books and other ways self-publishers can increase their profits.

Gretchen Kadillak

Five self-care strategies for self -empowerment

Build your writing on a solid foundation by taking care of yourself. Find out about self-care for authors with five strategies, including screen time& and movement, posture, food as fuel, quiet space and sleep.