Welcome  to the 21 Day Unlock Your Picture Book Course!

Hey, it's Karen here.

I'm thrilled you've joined me on this course! I created this so you can get your manuscript done fast and efficiently, but also that you can get it done to an excellent standard and have a step by step, milestone to milestone method of doing it. This course was originally a 21-day challenge. Participants got such great results, that we decided to convert it into a course! That said, we kept the original challenge's structure in place, as it gives you a guide to complete your manuscript in 21 days if you choose to stick to the original schedule. Many others have done so successfully, which means in 21 days you CAN have your manuscript ready!

On this overview page is important information for you on how to get started and a quick overview of how the course works. Take a few minutes to also have a look at the short video on how to navigate on our members platform.

How Does The Course work?

The course consists of 21 achievable missions. I will personally guide you through the exact steps to get your manuscript done, self-edit, get feedback and lots more.

There are videos, a workbook and templates to make sure you succeed. Just follow along, step by step!

Watch this short video
to see how to navigate in this course 

Welcome again, and I look forward to working with you!

Karen Ferreira

Your Instructor

Comment below to say hi or if you have any questions. 

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