Free Webinar: key strategies to becoming a successful children’s book Author

A Free Training That Will show You How to Get the Knowledge, Skills and Support You Need to Succeed in the Children’s Book Industry Without Feeling Overwhelmed by the Learning Curve, Even If You’re Starting from Scratch.

Tuesday, September 26th | 12:30 pm US Eastern Time

Karen Ferreira

Here’s What We’re Going To Cover:

  • Why it is so important for you to write your children’s book, even if you’re questioning yourself.
  • How to overcome the lack of confidence in your writing, publishing and marketing abilities.
  • Strategies to overcome poor time management and struggling to balance writing with other responsibilities.
  • Gain an understanding of the publishing process, your options, and how to get your books out there.
  • Five steps to standing out in a crowded market and attract your target audience.
  • Plus: A limited special opportunity being made available to work with me to fast-track your author success

And more!

About Your Presenter

Karen Ferreira is the founder and CEO of Children’s Book Mastery and GetYourBookIllustrations. It is her mission to assist children’s book authors to win on every step of the journey, from writing to publishing to marketing. It’s been her privilege to help hundreds of authors to complete their books, reach bestseller status and sell thousands of copies.