Children's Book Mastery Bonuses

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Writing Blueprints

Laura Backes

How to write and publish a book. These Free Trial Versions put you right inside
the magic, and provide lots of great information, instruction and advice.
They’re our gift to you - no catches, no strings!

The Writer's Adventure Guide

12 Stages To Writing Your Book

Beth Barany

In 12 clear, organized steps, find out how you can:

  • Build confidence in your writing instincts
  • Forge a clear path from inspiration to completion
  • Learn how to write the book while living your active life

Free Book Sales Diagnostics

Laurie Wright

Is it your book, your reviews, or could it be something else?
Let’s find out.

The Snowball Book Launch

Ray Brehm

How to create a huge buzz and massive pre-order sales before you release your self-published book.

13 Steps To Evil Cheat Sheet

Sacha Black

This cheat sheet is a super easy-to-use checklist to help you create the
perfect superbad villain for your novel or story. (This cheat sheet is best
used in conjunction with the book 13 Steps To Evil – How To Craft A
Superbad Villain by Sacha Black.)

Character Interview Worksheet

Marcy Pusey

Really get to know your character with this powerful tool, so you can create wonderful, three-dimensional characters.

4 Sessions of Publishing Success Summit

Eric Van Der Hope

Get exclusive access to four hand-picked interviews from the Publishing
Success Summit, the Largest Book Industry Expert Event of it’s kind online.
Hosted by Eric Van Der Hope.

Fantastic Author Websites Ebook

Matthew Ziranek

Are you tired of people not easily understanding you and your unique brand
as an artist or author when they look you up online? Are you sick of feeling
like your website simply doesn’t do your work justice?
This eBook is especially for authors who want their websites to shine, and
their fans, new and old, to keep coming back for more.

How to Get the best illustrations for your book (Slides)

Karen Ferreira

Learn about:

-The different types of illustrations and how to use that to plan your book

-What to do before looking for an illustrator

-Where to find an illustrator

-What to pay attention to before hiring them to ensure a good end result

-How to work with your illustrator so you end up with a beautiful book!

Tips and common pitfalls to avoid when getting your book illustrations

Karen Ferreira

Learn about the technical and legal stuff so you can avoid pitfalls and the creative stuff so you can end up with a wonderful book!

Self-Publishing Bootcamp - Full Toolkit

Carla King

This toolkit contains reviews of writing and publishing companies, tools
and services for authors, a metadata cheat sheet to help you with your
keywords, categories, bio and book description and a comprehensive book
launch checklist to guide you through each step of getting your book out

Capture, Convert, Captivate

Lise Cartwright

Learn how to use email marketing to CAPTURE your target audience’s attention, CONVERT them onto your email list (and sell to them), and CAPTIVATE them forever!

100 Questions To Ask Your Manuscript

A Checklist for Children's Book Writers and Editors

Heidi Fiedler

These questions are are friendly reminders to think deeply. They will help you understand your vision and know the strengths and weaknesses of your particular manuscript.

How to Use Feedback to Edit Your Story

Bonnie Johnston

In this guide you’ll learn how to:

  • know when you are ready for feedback
  • make sure you’re getting the right kind of feedback 
  • evaluate feedback
  • use feedback to edit your story
  • stay on track while editing

Free week of digital, text-based coaching for writers

Jed Jurchenko

Develop your writing habit! For you, this could mean writing in a journal,
finishing the rough draft of your book, blogging regularly, or learning to write
consistently. Whatever your project is, the bottom line is writers write! As
your coach, my goal is to help you hone your writing habit.

Use the JEDWEEK code to claim this bonus

50% Off Cover Design Critique

Otakara Klettke

Without a great title and an amazing cover, marketing your book can become
expensive and futile. To sell, your cover needs to have the perfect combination of
art, graphics, and typography. This requires an in-depth understanding of your
target audience, and especially, of advertising. Whether you’re just starting on your cover or already have one, we can help you get to the perfect cover that will sell.

To redeem this bonus email [email protected] and mention Children’s
Book Mastery and the 50% discount.

How to Write a Children's Picture Book Intro Course

Darcy Pattison

Learn the basic structure of picture books, how to write a complete story in
less than 500 words, and how to structure a story in multiple genres of picture
books. Become confident that you can write a children’s picture book of your own.

Use Coupon: PB2020 for access.

A Simple Guide To Fact Checking for Children's Book Writers

Heidi Fiedler

Whether you’re writing a nonfiction bestseller or creative nonfiction for kids, it’s important to be accurate. This guide gives some easy tips for sorting out wacky websites from serious sources, so you can feel confident that what you’re writing is accurate, and your readers can trust you.

Top Tips for Children’s Self-publishing

Karen Inglis

Learn top tips from a pro on what to do before self-publishing, how to do
print on demand, marketing, support and networking. Plus get a sample of
an author school visit pre-order from.

Special $1 Bookflix membership for one month

Ray Brehm

Get the authority you deserve with your book. Bookflix offers all-inclusive training on book writing, marketing and authority building.

4 Phases of a Successful Book Launch

Lauren Ranalli

This 1 hour masterclass will provide concrete strategies and resources to help you move through a successful book marketing plan. It covers the 4 phases, which are: establish, create, promote and sustain

Free book (and great example of how to use a free book to grow your list)

Jonathan Gunson

The happiest cat book ever! Mr Smudge’s family always leave him a bowl
of water to drink. But one day, they forget. So he sets off to find a drink and
has all sorts of wet and splashy adventures. Will he find a drink? Children
love guessing, and their attention is held to the last page.

Vision Boarding Checklist

Chell Morrow

- Harness the power of visualization to create success.
- Authors can utilize the vision board to envision and attract success of writing
and marketing their manuscript.
- Authors can use this power tool to create whole worlds for their characters
and events in their manuscripts.

The Self-Published Author's Ultimate Editing Manual

Qat Wanders

Becoming a better writer and save money on editing with this guide. What
would it take to give you complete confidence your manuscript is ready to
‘wow’ your audience? Download your copy of the Self-Editing Manual to
take your manuscript from ‘meh’ to mah-velous!

The Quick Start Guide to Building Your Author Platform

Kimberley Grabas

The Quick Start Guide to Building Your Author Platform will walk you through
the key steps required to lay a proper foundation for your platform building
and book marketing efforts.

7 Best Ways to Get Reviews

Mary Nhin

Let Mary Nhin walk you through how she got over 1000 honest 5-star
reviews on Amazon within months of publishing her books!

The Book Blogger List

Barb Drozdowich

Book bloggers can give your book exposure by reviewing it or featuring it
on their site.

Since 2013 Barb Drozdowich has listed well over 4000 book bloggers and
reviewers that you can use to reach out to book bloggers in your genre.

Daily Marketing Strategies for Aspiring & Self-Published Authors

Lauren Ranalli

Remember that YOU are going to be the best marketing source for your book- so let’s get you set up for success from the beginning. Here are 3 of the strategies Lauren used as a self-published author to do $10,000 in sales on her first book launch in just 3 months (without being on Amazon or using paid ads…).

Rob’s Writing Tips

Robert Perrine

Robert Perrine shares his insight on writing, character development,
technique and more.

Age Range Perfect Master Class

(This is a free course I love and wanted to share!)

What if you could reach many more readers by doing one simple thing?
Targeting a definite age group is crucial. By the end of this free 3-part
Masterclass, you’ll have found your absolutely PERFECT age range!

Free Amazon Marketing Course

(This is a free course I love and wanted to share!)

This free course has 348 5-star reviews. Impressive!
Here’s a brief intro: “Are you an author who wants to sell more books? If so,
there’s one game-changing strategy you can’t afford to ignore."

Creating Your Author Brand

Lauren Ranalli

Lauren's session slides that can help you establish your brand early on, reach more people and sell more books!

Author Brand Strategy Scorecard

Kimberley Grabas

Your Author Brand Strategy Scorecard is a simple way for you to evaluate
your current author brand strategy (or lack thereof).

Three Types of Traffic

Laurie Wright

Learn the three types of traffic and the pros and cons of each. Laurie explains this more in-depth in her session on Day 4.

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